To celebrate the news of the Rosetta space mission, the Paris Observatory, the laboratory of excellence for Space Exploration of Planetary Environments and the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget joined in 2015 to present to the public an exhibition giving the state of knowledge about comets.

This exhibition entitled Comets : at the origin of planetary systems, was devoted to the recent results of cometary and planetary research, especially from space; it was presented from 27 June 2015 to the end of December 2015, at the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget.


Principal comets, Plate 1, tiré de Astronomy / Jean Rambosson - 1875.

Source : Internet Archive Book Images

Meanwhile, the Paris Observatory wished to complete this physical display by a virtual exhibition, which emphasizes the exceptional collections that are maintained and valued by the Library of the Paris Observatory. This virtual exhibition entitled Comets: from myths to reality, is dedicated to the history of the exploration of comets, the scientific approaches to their nature and trajectories and their representations; it includes a reminder of the recent discoveries made by Rosetta.

It also proposes numerous bibliographic and filmographic resources, and a gallery of images and texts on comets in art and literature, to pursue its real or imaginary exploration of comets.


Principal comets, Plate 2, tiré de Astronomy / Jean Rambosson - 1875

Source : Internet Archive Book Image